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Engine and transmission

Your engine and transmission make up the majority of what is under your hood. If you notice your car is running rough or is slipping in and out of gear, bring it right in. These can be signs of serious mechanical issues that will only become worse.

the right way the first time.

We are experienced in major and minor repairs for all makes and models of cars and trucks.

Cooling system

If your cooling system is leaking you put yourself in danger of overheating and a breakdown. Bring your car to us if you notice any puddles of fluid under it. We can pressure check your system and find any leaks in seals, hoses, the radiator or pump.

Comprehensive repairs

We are a comprehensive repair center and our ASE certified technicians are experts when it comes to any vehicle repair. From starters and alternators to exhaust systems and heater core replacement, we can fix any make or model vehicle.

When something breaks on your car, you need a repair shop that can get it fixed and back on the road. Look no further than Performance Center.

Major and minor repairs


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